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  • "Natasha is very good at reflexology. She was very good on focusing on the big toe to help me not get as many headaches. This is a very helpful thing for me and I would highly recommend it to somebody else. If you are having trouble like I did, I would recommend this to anybody out there. I was having a stressful time but this really helped me to overcome my issues at school." Cameron, 10 years old
  • "Whilst I was pregnant I suffered from the usual complaints. I used Natasha once a week during these phases, and she worked wonders! I looked forward to every visit, knowing afterwards I would feel better. Natasha certainly has magic hands, I have recommended her to all my friends." Simone, Model and Mother
  • "For many years my job has involved live TV studio work which is tense and reactive. I found it difficult to unwind or relax. Natasha persuaded me to try reflexology and offered a free trial session. I felt relaxed, but not drowsy, alert but not stressed but more importantly I felt better in myself! I am a convert. I was a fool to think it was just a foot rub! It is so much more."
    Dean, TV Presenter
  • "Natasha's blend of physical therapy and personal support is, in my opinion, unparalleled.
    Natasha's intelligent, holistic approach is paired with both humour and professionalism, an unmatchable combination." Graham, Publisher
  • "It was such a blessing having Natasha work on my feet when I was pregnant. I felt completely relaxed throughout the treatment and totally rejuvenated afterwards. Natasha is very thorough when she works – the checks, treatment and advice she gave made me feel confident that she is highly skilled and experienced. She is also clearly passionate about what she does and she truly cares for people and her client’s wellbeing." Jean, Designer and Mother
  • "While her background in reflexology guides her holistic sense of the body, Natasha’s personalised, attentive and thorough manner both relaxes and rejuvenates. I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my performance both physically and mentally, and have already recommended her to several friends seeking therapy, reflexology and treatment for pain" Olivia, PhD Student
  • "I was finding it very difficult to paint and take on commissions due to the pain I was experiencing in my hands. Natasha was fantastic: she worked at a level that was effective without causing me discomfort or pain. As my hands improved, Natasha gave me exercises that I could do to maintain the level of flexibility in-between sessions and then beyond treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending Natasha because in my experience she gives 110% and truly cares about the health of her clients." Maggie, Painter
  • "I was very demotivated because I couldn’t find a solution to my problem: Vaginism. As a couple, we found in Natasha much help, because she is a truly positive and open-minded person who let us feel immediately relaxed in a peaceful environment. We knew she didn’t have a magic wand, but we fully trusted her high experience in reflexology. Since we started the therapy with her, I felt I could start to enjoy my sexual life with my partner. Thanks to Natasha, I have started to smile again and I still visit her just to relax myself." A Couple
  • "I wanted reflexology as I was very stressed. I never felt relaxed or calm with other reflexologists, but Natasha knew just how to relax me. She helped me to relax; after my treatments, I felt calm, reassured and on top the world. For anyone thinking of trying Natasha’s reflexology, please do: it’s the best thing I’ve tried." Jill, Homemaker
  • "Archie, my seven-year-old, was anxious, tearful and defiant when he first walked into the room and when he walked out he was chilled, smiling and relaxed. Natasha was brilliant. Now, Archie eagerly waits in reception for Natasha’s beaming face to appear in the window of the door.
    The reflexology has eased some of Archie’s Autism symptoms and he is a happy, more relaxed boy. Natasha’s treatment doesn’t stop in the treatment room. She has taught Archie some lifelong skills to help him control his anxiety and make him happier. For this we are eternally grateful." Suzanne, Mother

Hello and welcome

Are you looking for relief from:

  • stress
  • frustration
  • anxiety
  • tiredness
  • pain?

Do you need:

  • support during a pregnancy
  • ways to improve your sexual health
  • help in boosting fertility?

If ‘yes’ to any of the above, the positive energy and relaxation of reflexology may offer a solution. I want to show you how this ancient therapy can help you in the modern world, bringing your body into balance and harmony with itself, with its surroundings.

Reflexology is a simple, yet powerful, non-invasive treatment. It is most often performed on the feet, but can be just as effective on the hands.

Reflexology is both a science and an art. As a science, it requires careful study, faithful practice and knowledge of techniques and skill. As a healing art, reflexology yields its most beneficial results when practised with dedication, patience, focus, intention, and above all, loving care.

I cannot wait to hear from you, and I look forward to working together.

There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the foot